About Us


We are a passionate band of designers, creators, trend setters, cool hunters.  Above all we are craftsmen.  With purpose and passion.  We do this better than many, as we actually live on the high-street of fashion.  We fuss over little things, the details.  We feel inspired, and will inspire you too.  

Successful companies build on their founding traditions while looking ahead to the future – and that is what we have done at Carlton London, reaffirming the values of Carlton that were set out in 1989. We constantly create new designs to meet the needs of our varied customer base. We wish to make people feel good and inspire them through the products and services we provide everyday. We are dedicated to providing total customer service.

The idiology behind the complete lifestyle brand is "Fashion is Temporary But Style is Permanent".  And it's the only thing that truly belongs to you, the individual.  We will help you keep it that way!  Welcome to Carlton London!